Sunday, 30 December 2012

My Weekend ...

This weekend I went to Preston to visit my boyfriend's extended family. We go every year for a late Christmas gathering, and it is always lovely to catch up with everybody. Although we live in Manchester everyone is so busy it's hard to meet up frequently, so it's lovely to have a set time of the year when we know we will all get together. Pretty much as soon as we got there we had to rush off to watch Preston play football, which I was actually really looking forward to because I love watching football. Although Preston lost :( it was still a really good day out and I definitely want to go more often! 

Mike's brother, Mike and me freezing but still smiling :)
After the football game had finished, we went to visit a relative in the hospital, and then we went to a lovely Italian restaurant for some food. We ordered loads of garlic bread for the table, and I had fishcakes with sweet chilli sauce for a starter, followed by a vegetarian pizza. The food was lovely, but boy were the portions huge! I couldn't even manage a dessert which is normally my favourite part :(

Today, we got up late and pottered about for a bit. I did some more work on my essay :( and then Mike's family came over for a lovely lunch! Now, I'm back at home sorting everything out from Christmas and then I'm back on my essay :( and ..... I have to pack for DUBLIN!!!! I've always wanted to go and Mike is taking me for New Year's Eve. It was a surprise Christmas present and I had absolutely no idea. I'm not a huge fan of flying but you can't let these things put you off doing things so I'm going to man up and get through it! I'm so excited!!!!

Cupcakes made by Mike's cousin! Absolutely gorgeous!

I thought I would also include a quick outfit post. I wore my big warm coat from River Island, a red scarf that I made myself, my River Island bag, some topshop leather look leggings, and my boots from Brantano (I think, but they are a year or two old and the brand has worn off). Underneath my coat I wore a pale pink woollen cardigan and a white sparkly top which are both from River Island as well. I love this cardigan! It is so soft and cosy!